Circulation Policy

  • Parent/guardian will be responsible for the juvenile’s account. The accounts will be linked with the parent/guardian account as the responsible party. Photo ID and proof of address is required for adult applicants and parent /guardian of applicants under18.Applicant must be a resident or own property in LaRue County or a resident of the 5 surrounding counties(Nelson, Taylor, Hardin, Green or Hart).
  • It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to monitor what their child checks out.
  • Customer must present own library card before checkout. Each customer can receive 3 warnings per year, staff must alert customers account with date when receiving a warning. Customer must show proof of identity if staff needs assurance of customer’s identity.No one is allowed to checkout items on another customer’s account.
  • There is no charge for the first card issued. There will be a $.50charge for all replacement cards.
  • The checkout period for all items excluding DVD is 2 weeks for adults and juveniles,4 weeks for bookmobile(customers only using the bookmobile)There will be a limit of 2 items at the initial visit. Thereafter there will be a 20 item limit.
  • The borrower must pay any charges for overdue, damage, or loss. There is a fine of ($.05) per item per day overdue; ($.50) maximum fine per item. Loss or damage shall be replacement cost of the item.Bookmobile customers are not charged overdue fines due to bookmobile scheduling but are responsible for items lost or damaged.
  • The checkout period for DVDs is 3days, with a limit of 3 DVDs per 18 year old and older card holder.The borrower must pay any charges for late return, damage,or loss. There is a fine of($.25)per DVD per day overdue; ($2)maximum fine per item.Loss or damage shall be replacement cost of the DVD.
  • Fines or fees of ($5.00)or more must be paid in full before an account may be used.
  • Within 90 days, money paid for a lost item will be reimbursed minus the maximum fine charge upon the return of the item provided a receipt is shown by the customer or library records show proof of payment.
  • Once reserve book is available a staff member will notify customer. If the reserve book is not picked up within 3days after notification, it will be taken off reserve and returned to the shelf or given to the next customer on the reserve list.
  • Books that have a reserve list may not be renewed.
  • Items requested for consideration of purchase should be published in the previous or current year, lost or missing items in our current collection, rare books that could not be ILL. All items will be considered but the library is not able to purchase all requested items. Customer must be in good standing with the library.
  • Books older than 1 year can be borrowed through ILL by Customers that are in good standing with the library.The customer will be responsible for fees charged by the lending library. Books are due according to the date set by the lending library. Renewals will be at the discretion of the lending library. $.50per day per item if overdue. Lost or damaged ILL materials may also carry a processing fee in addition to the replacement cost of the item(s); this is also determined by the lending library.
  • Customers who have violated library policy may have their account restricted up to 90 days.
  • Service or other fees: $.10 per copy, $.50per laminate, free faxing.
  • Customers agree to library policy by accepting and signing their library card.
  • Customer’s photo will be added to account with customer’s permission.

LaRue County Public Library

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